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Stop Rolling!! Time to Switch to Automatic Roller Garage Doors

By Guest Author | July 14, 2012

Struggling to open and close your garage door? Wouldn't you just love to be able to do so without having to move from the comfort of your vehicle? Then the solution is a Roller garage door. The time has come to stop rolling and switch to automatic roller garage doors. Just place one fingertip on the remote control and the garage door opens and closes without you needing to do anything else. These automatic doors have a variety of features and advantages over normal garage doors that make them worth considering if you're planning a new garage door installation.


Space saving: the curtain will retract in to the enclosure box and doesn’t require any additional space.

Thermal insulation: these doors have a polyurethane insulation within aluminium slats that minimises sound penetration and heat loss.

High security: To produce a rolling curtain, the slats are end locked with powerful PVC mouldings. To provide optimum integrity, the bottom slat is made with heavy duty extruded aluminium and with a dual formed weather seal. Opening these doors with another handset or third party device is highly impossible.

Control options: the handset allows you to operate the door from a distance of 50 meters. The courtesy lights automatically trigger as the door opens. It requires a rolling encrypted code to ensure that the signal is unique. Other options include GSM mobile phone control panels and key pad entry systems.

Safety: it comes with a wireless safety sensor system which prevents the closing of the garage door if there is an obstruction within the opening providing safety to your family and home. The radio safety edge sends a signal to the control box that provides a reliable connection without the need of hanging cables which risk tearing or snagging.

Ventilation: as required by the domestic and car parking applications, ventilation profiles can be incorporated to ensure airflow and light penetration.

Colour choices: these doors offer a variety of colour options. They are available in a wide range attractive standard powder coated colours.


  • The clean appearance enhances the look of your home
  • Installation process is easy for economical garage doors
  • Painting is not required and maintenance is free
  • Doesn’t require any cables
  • Auto close mode can be programmed in order to close the door without the need to push the button
  • External springs are not required
  • Greasing and oiling the doors is not required
  • You can improve the security by simply adding the alarm or lock
  • Handset is equipped with LED light to provide system status

About the author: Amy Jackson’s passion is to write on Home & Garden and Travel Blogs. Reach her @eBizVenture.

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