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Study Tips for First Year MBA Students

By Guest Author | October 24, 2016

Whether you are transferring straight onto an MBA program from completing your undergraduate degree or are returning to college from the working world in order to pursue a masters of business administration, the curriculum for this course can be pretty intense. Alongside work and family commitments, the extra work required to study for an MBA can be particularly grueling for first-year students. If you’ve just applied to an MBA course or are about to begin studying, we’ve got some top tips to help you make it through the year.


Be Prepared

If there’s still a while to go before you start studying for an MBA, preparation should be something that you’re starting now. When it comes to getting ready to study for an MBA, you can never be too prepared – having all of the foundations laid for learning and achieving good grades throughout the year is vital. Along with getting ahead with key reading, participating in extra study and laying out a study timetable, making sure that you plan around other commitments such as work and family is also vital. This is especially true if you’re about to begin studying for an online MBA. See the University of Maryland for more information on taking your MBA degree online.

Improve Your Reading Speed

For MBA students, being able to read quickly is key to making sure that they stay on track with their course. Investing some time in improving your reading speed before you start your degree and throughout the first semester can be incredibly useful, as throughout your graduate study you will be expected to do a lot of reading, from textbooks to lecture notes to case studies and more. The better your ability to process and retain new information, the easier you will find the course.

Study Regularly

Your first year of studying for an MBA is the complete opposite of the experience that you may have had during your first year of undergraduate study. For MBA students, there is no way that they could get by with the occasional cram study session before exams or when assignments are due. Setting aside regular time to study is vital for MBA students, as there is a lot of work included which you will need to ensure that you keep on top of.

Avoid Burnouts

Although it’s important to ensure that you schedule in plenty of study time, it’s also recommended that you take regular breaks to avoid getting burned out. Overworking yourself could be just as dangerous to your grade as not doing any work at all, therefore making sure that you make time for rest and ensure that you don’t work too late into the night in order to get enough sleep is absolutely vital. When it comes to avoiding burnouts, looking after yourself with a good diet and regular exercise is important.

Studying for an MBA can be tough, but it definitely pays off. But, in order to succeed, there are a number of good habits you’ll need to get used to in your first year of study.

  • One comment on “Study Tips for First Year MBA Students”

    1. Studying MBA is quit difficult. Tips you shared is thoroughly explains the difficulties and importance of MBA. Its really a great information of MBA students.

      Tara, Edubilla

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