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Distressed Properties Top Out: Now What?

By Phil Butler | November 28, 2011
In a story from the Wall Street Journal this morning the level of distressed properties around the world is expected to rise. The even worse news is, demand for said properties is expected to decline as well. What this means is, those inflated stories citing sales increases will cease to over inflate an already dismal economic consensus. When you next hear of sales volumes, a more true picture may be gleaned.
Featured News, US Real Estate

This Thanksgiving: Workers Thank Good Cop & Bad Cop

By Phil Butler | November 24, 2011
Will Santa even fuel up the sled this Christmas? News from around the world, whether anyone in the US wants to admit it, impacts Americans' livelihoods. That central fact, however unpleasant, was accentuated and multiplied when Bill Clinton signed into law the NAFTA agreement. Make no mistake, the course President George H. W. Bush set in motion, and his son George W. Bush's shenanigans. Today, all workers should give thanks to those who have made their lives better.
US Real Estate

Housing Society Faces $110,000 bill for Discriminatory Policies

By Mike Wheatley | March 25, 2011
A housing society based in Seattle today agreed to pay a settlement of $110,000 in order to avoid a U.S. Justice Department lawsuit which alleged that the society carried out a racially discriminatory policy towards African Americans and Indians looking to rent apartments with them.
US Real Estate

Real Estate Fraud Serves as Warning to Investors

By Mike Wheatley | March 22, 2011
A California woman was handed a stiff 12 year prison sentence last Friday after duping hundreds of investors in a scam involving multiple fake real estate projects.
Residential, US Real Estate

The Curse of Stigmatized Homes

By Mike Wheatley | March 21, 2011
On the face of it, it looks like the dream home for any successful, middle-class couple – four bedrooms, incredibly spacious with new carpets and hardwood flooring upstairs. Moreover, it’s situated in a great part of Poway district in California, much sought after location with several great schools nearby. All this could be yours for just $399,000. So why won’t it sell?
Residential, US Real Estate

Five Solid Reasons to Buy Now

By Mike Wheatley | March 18, 2011
With market conditions the way they are, now is the best time to buy. While many people might advise that you wait until the market bottoms out, that’s bad advice. Residential housing prices are super-low right now, interest rates too, and the chances of seeing this combination again in the next few years are very small.
Featured News, US Real Estate

US Real Estate Prices Continue to Tumble

By Mike Wheatley | March 18, 2011
According to the Core Logic Home Price Index, newly released figures for January 2011 show that the prices for US residential homes fell for the sixth month in a row, and are now worth 5.7% less than they were this time last year.
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