Becoming the World’s Greatest Realtor: Step One

When I set out to evaluate the real estate industry, in as far as ways in which value could be added at the “B” and “C” ends of the spectrum, I did not set out on any “witch hunt” for mediocrity. How do even the best agents plan to “step up” their game to meet the ever changing landscape of real estate needs?

When the Market Blows: Grand Rapids Pros Suck

Another #Follow Friday on Twitter leads me back to searching the web for the best and worst of digital realty. And once again, we have run into a familiar snag, the almost total disregard for the web as a real estate communications conduit. Even for agency customers. This week, Grand Rapids, Michigan is the target market. As you will see in the review below, we had to go pretty far afield to find good work being done on the web.

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