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How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Real Estate: from Valuation to Customer Service

By Ben Shepardson | April 27, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the real estate industry in numerous ways. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly evolving technology that is already transforming a wide range of industries. In the real estate market, AI is poised to have a significant impact, from property valuation to customer service. In this article, we […]
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

What's Next for Artificial Intelligence and Real Estate?

By Ben Shepardson | November 28, 2022
Artificial intelligence has grown in magnitude since the first program was written in 1951. Modern iterations of AI are what allow things like social media monitoring, self-driving cars, and smart assistants to function. The same technology that makes those possible also benefits the real estate industry. The utilization of artificial intelligence in real estate allows for […]
real estate artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

How Will Artificial Intelligence Influence the Real Estate Market?

By Zach Parker | September 20, 2022
The real estate market is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation because of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The adoption rate for this technology has been steadily growing since its introduction. Here are ways in which artificial intelligence will influence the real estate market: Home Buyers Real estate agents can use AI to give […]
artificial intelligence home
Artificial Intelligence

How Artificial Intelligence is Affecting First-Time Home Buyers

By Ben Shepardson | June 13, 2022
Technology allows us to take new approaches to old problems, and these approaches are faster, easier, and yield better results. This is as true in the real estate industry as any other – in a realm where buying and selling homes used to require lots of hard work, innovations like the internet, artificial intelligence, and […]
artificial intelligence software
Housing, Industry Technology

How AI is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Market

By Ben Shepardson | May 22, 2022
Time marches on, and so does the sophistication of the technologies we use in our everyday lives like AI. Whether they’re for personal use or those we leverage in our professional endeavors, new software technologies like artificial intelligence are getting smarter, stronger, and more ubiquitous every day.  The real estate industry is no exception, either […]
Real Estate Technology

How Real Estate Investors Can Use AI For Market Analysis

By Ben Shepardson | April 28, 2022
Nowadays, no business is complete without taking advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Many companies have already begun to incorporate AI into their business models, from startups to well-established brands. AI is shaping the future of home buying through efficient property search, quality lead generation, and assisting transactions or banking. As AI […]
Home Buying, Real Estate Technology

How Effective can AI be for the future of Home Buying

By Ben Shepardson | March 11, 2022
According to Fortune Business Insight, the worldwide Artificial Intelligence market is expected to grow from $47B in 2021 to $360B in 2028. With this, it should come as no surprise how enterprises increasingly adapt to AI at a rapid rate. Click here to see how managed network services help scale enterprises. In fact, findings from the […]
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