Expect Low Demand From Buyers This Spring

Spring is near and along with rising temperatures and growing grass so is the anticipation that the seasonal real estate market will bring buyers and sellers to the closing table. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen in the numbers that many in the industry have hoped for. Inventory remains low as potential sellers hold

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Time To Buy Houses – 3 Reasons Why 2012 Is THE Bottom

It’s time to officially declare a real estate price bottom. And yes, prices could erode further in the hardest hit markets – At least statistically – but remember, the lower they’ve gone, the more likely they are to rebound with gusto.

Home Sweet Whatever: More Than Just a House

What makes a home? The answer is different for everyone. Some might say the tumble of children running down the stairs right when you walk in the door. Old Grandpa George would say it takes a great lawn to make a great home. For some, it’s the town that makes the home. Some people want huge homes, and some want cozy cottages. And that’s the beauty of it all – we all want something different, so the world of home varies wildly and colourfully.

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