Can a “domino effect’ kick-off a new housing boom?

Home prices between the top and bottom segments of the housing market are rising, which could unleash a “domino effect” that builds first-time and move-up buyer momentum this year

Latest Clear Capital Report Shows Hopeful Signs for market

Clear Capital recently released their latest report which is hopeful that the market is now able to support buyer momentum from both first-time buyers and move-up buyers. According to the article in RisMedia, this year looks likely to be a transitional year with good buyer momentum in both the lower and mid tiers of housing

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College Towns Give Big Boost To Housing

Colleges and universities are having a strong effect on housing across the country, with metros that have heavy university influence outperforming national rates in home price trends

Top Ten Best Performing Markets Revealed

The ten top-performing major housing markets are all expected to show continued improvement over the first six months of 2011, and five of them are even being forecast to show gains, although these will be modest, according to the latest Home Data Index by Clear Capital.   Despite the fact that home prices in major

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Where the Best Foreclosures Roam

It is no secret that investors can gain windfalls by buying some foreclosed properties. A recent study shows clear advantages to buying forclosures in some cities too. Where price is the determining factor, clearly some places are better than others. But depressed markets have their down side too. Forbes’ list of cities most likely to drop prices again this year reveals at least cost advantages if the investor does his or her homework.

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