Reali aims to reward buyers and sellers for using its brokerage services

Startup Reali is an online brokerage that aims to disrupt traditional models by handling the entire real estate transaction process, including buying, selling, and other aspects of home ownership.

Who pays the agent’s commission on a short sale?

In short sales, lenders normally insist that sellers hire the services of a real estate agent to represent them to offer 100% commission to its real estate agents

Online real estate bazaar is making an ambitious play with the launch of a new program aimed at ensuring higher commissions for real estate pros

Take control of the sales process with SQFT to eliminate agent’s fees

When using a real estate agent, the traditional commission is six percent of the home’s total sales price – wouldn’t it be great if you could save some money on that?

Service models change how real estate agents sell homes

In many real estate markets, real estate agents have had to change their selling methods for that 3-bedroom, 2-bath bungalow in California or condominium in Florida.

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