Here’s why you need to stay in touch with former clients

Are you putting in the effort to keep up with former clients? While some agents may do so as a matter of course, it’s clear that there are many who don’t.

How Video Conferencing Can Make Your Team More Productive

Many people do not like being on camera, but video conferencing is the reality in today’s business world.

Why Facebook is Essential for Real Estate Agents

It’s almost impossible for any business to succeed and thrive in today’s world without having a social media presence. The same can be said for real estate agents, whose work is akin to running a small business. Of all the social media sites available, Facebook is the one that’s essential for all real estate agents.

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3 Traits of the Nation’s Best Real Estate Agents

Top real estate agents aren’t at the top because they got lucky, they’re there because they work hard. Differentiating yourself from the pack, building strong ties, and asserting your excellence is the only way you’ll rise to the elite level.

Communicating with clients: What Real Estate Pros Must Know

Real estate agents need to understand the differences in how men and women communicate. While men like to handle one idea at a time, women often launch into a stream of multiple ideas all at once.

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