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Construction Companies: How to Get the Best Work from Them

By Dean Signori | July 25, 2019
The idea of designing and building your own home is exhilarating. You’ve probably pinned your Pinterest board with tons of unique ideas—from cool paint palettes to the latest trends in interior design and landscaping. You really can’t wait to start! But no matter how much you want to do this project on your own, reality […]
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Bricklaying robot hopes to address construction labor shortages

By Mike Wheatley | January 23, 2019
An Australian engineering firm called Fastbrick Robotics has built a new machine that it claims is able to build a full-sized, standard brick home within just one to three days. The robot, called Hadrian X, is said to be able to lay around 1,000 bricks per hour. Fastbrick Robotics says it built the machine in […]
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UK Government Aims to Get Britain Building Again

By Allison Halliday | January 27, 2012
The UK government is stepping up its efforts to get Britain building again as Housing Minister, Grant Shapps has just announced a new partnership between the government and the National House Building Council (NHBC)
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Construction Industry Rebounds?

By Mike Wheatley | December 21, 2011
Last month saw a massive increase in the number of new home constructions and building permits being handed out, a big sign that the new-home market is finally pulling itself out of one of its worst slumps in living memory. The Washington Post reported that last month, builders broke ground on new homes at a […]
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Turkey to Spend $400 Billion on Urban Renovation

By Allison Halliday | November 14, 2011
Turkey has recently suffered two big earthquakes in the eastern province of Van, both within a month of each other. Unfortunately around 650 people lost their lives, and this has resulted in a major new urban renewal project. According to the report in Sunday’s Zaman, the problem is that most buildings in Turkish cities cannot […]
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Asia-Pacific Region Is Cheapest in the World for Building Property

By Allison Halliday | September 6, 2011
The annual Construction Costs Comparison Report by EC Harris Research has found that countries in the Asia Pacific region have far lower building costs than comparable Western countries, even though countries in Asia have experienced significant economic growth. This report is now into its seventh year, and compares building costs per square meter in 56 […]
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Abu Dhabi Rents Could Decline by a Further 10%

By Allison Halliday | July 13, 2011
According to the second largest real estate developer in Abu Dhabi, residential rents could fall by 10% during the next year, due to the number of new homes being completed.
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