Real estate investing ideas
Real Estate Investing

How to Get Started in Real Estate Investing

By Sponsored News | April 4, 2017
If there is a type of investment opportunity worth getting into, it is real estate investing. There is always a demand for better housing which means as long as you have residential or commercial rental properties you have
House Flipping, Real Estate Investing

3 Tips for a Successful Fix and Flip

By Allen Shayanfekr | February 6, 2017
Almost everyone has watched at least one of those fix and flip shows about buying a home to fix it up and sell it at a profit.
Real Estate Investing

Three Warning Signs You Should Avoid Working With A Contractor

By Armando Montelongo | January 30, 2017
Contractors are essential to house flipping, but if you’re careless about who you work with, you’ll get burned. Here are some red flags to watch for.
Investing, Real Estate Investing

House Flipping Flourishes

By Brian Kline | November 24, 2015
According to, a real estate auction company, house flipping slightly outpaced rentals as the preferred investment strategy over the past year. However, in a sellers' market, it's difficult finding investment priced houses whether you are flipping or renting. Direct Mailing as New Strategy Investors are shying away from the MLS as a source of […]
House Flipping, Real Estate Investing

Hard Money Loans When It's Your Only Option

By Brian Kline | September 8, 2015
Although bank loans are still difficult to come by, there are multiple financing sources available. More and more retirement funds are being pulled out of the stock market and being invested in private mortgages. Crowd funding is becoming another viable alternative. These funding sources work well once you have them in place. However, it can […]
Investing, Real Estate Investing, US Real Estate

Real Estate Investing This Spring and Summer

By Brian Kline | April 6, 2015
Real estate investing - the time to strike it rich is now. The stars are aligned for you to make great real estate investments. Although times to buy and flip houses were better in 2011 and 2012 for investors, end-buyers lacked confidence. Yes, prices are up now but more importantly, buyer confidence is also up. […]
Investing, Real Estate Investing, US Real Estate

Better Than Zero Interest Financing

By Brian Kline | March 6, 2015
Being an investor that owner finances houses can be a very lucrative business. The two most advantageous elements of this business model are that you don't have tenant problems and you can earn money on other people's money. The way this works is that you buy houses at a deep discount, and there are plenty […]
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