Stable Investment Advice 2016

With each new year Germans, like every other nationality, have many New Year resolutions concerning their jobs, health or private lives. However change oriented their dreams may be though, a lot stays the same for their private finances. Here are some steadfast trends that will continue for many investors.

European QE Fuelling House Price Bubble

According to a new study, the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing program runs the risk of causing a property price bubble in several countries due to investors putting money into real estate. The report to by Moody’s Analytics says that the UK, Norway and Germany are most at risk due to continued low interest rates

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Foreign Investors Buying up German Apartment Blocks

According to an article in The Local, foreign investors have been snapping up prefabricated apartment blocks in Germany. At first glance it might be difficult to see the attraction as they have plain concrete exteriors and low ceilings, and at best can only be described as drab.

More Germans are Spending Money on Houses

In spite of the European debt crisis, Germany is doing relatively well as just 6.7% of the population are unemployed, which is the lowest level since 1990. Most of the population are feeling pretty confident about their future, and consumer spending increased by 1.5% last year, and is predicted to reach similar values this year.

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