Amitree lands $7M to expand its digital assistant for real estate agents

Startup Amitree is hoping to make life easier for real estate pros, with the launch of a revamped app called Folio, which is a kind of digital assistant for agents.

Google Launches New Feature Gmailify

Gmail users have been able to manage their mail from non-Gmail accounts since early 2015 using Google’s Gmail Android app but now the company has announced a brand-new feature. This is called Gmailify and enables users to take advantage of inbox organization, Gmail’s spam protection, Google Now integrations and much more without need to change

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Is Google planning to kill off Gmail?

Google could be prepping to replace its widely used Gmail email service. According to reports, numerous Gmail users have received a message from Google informing them of a new experimental service called “Inbox by Gmail”

Using Gmail with Zoho for Customer Relationships Management

Customer Relationships Management, is known by a lot of names, including contact management, prospect management, and client management. There’s not much ability in that respect with Gmail

5 Tweaks to Organize your Gmail Inbox

We have all been there: inbox hell, a demon dimension that seems to suck us in and keep us there, pouring through endless requests and truly wasting more of our day than should be possible. Well, it’s time to Scooby-up and take back our inboxes.

Connecting Social Media & Gmail Using Smartr™ Inbox

Smartr™ Inbox is a free, easy to install browser plugin that connects your Facebook , Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to your e-mail, as well as organizes your inbox to provide you with information regarding how and when you communicate with each of your contacts.

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