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Spring Affordability Puts Bounce in Buyers' Steps

By Broderick Perkins | May 18, 2012
As interest rates hover around record low levels and home prices bounce along the bottom, incomes are also cooperating to make housing more affordable than ever, not that it makes much difference when lenders remain so tight-fisted with their mortgage money
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The Responsible Homeowners Refinancing Act of 2012 Pushes for HARP 3.0

By Broderick Perkins | May 11, 2012
It's not the HARP 3.0 rumored to be in the pipeline, but the Responsible Homeowners Refinancing Act of 2012 would boost HARP 2.0 and provide additional refinance relief for households struggling to make the mortgage payment.
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Foreclosures Make Kids Sick, Slow Learners, and Increase Dropouts

By Broderick Perkins | May 4, 2012
Studies have documented a correlation between foreclosures and everything from nausea, fevers and abdominal pain to hypertension, depression, chest pain and diabetes - in adults. Children, however, have been the unseen victims of a lost home - until now...
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Banks Fail to Sell Distressed Homes, Get landlord Job Instead

By Broderick Perkins | April 27, 2012
Banks can rent out foreclosed homes as part of an orderly strategy to unload properties, provided the properties are safe and rented under local rules and regulations as well as federal fair housing law. Good luck with that. Renters? Cover your assets.
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Timeshare Market Heating up with Sales, Reselling Scams

By Broderick Perkins | April 20, 2012
Timeshares' tiny $5 billion slice of the real estate pie is poised to grow even bigger with its increasing sales and timeshare rats are scurrying out of the woodwork to take a bite.
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Investors Hosting Housing Recovery Party

By Broderick Perkins | April 6, 2012
Investors, hand picking individual properties, working in groups, buying in bulk and smacking down all-cash deals like they won the Mega Millions Lottery, snatched up properties last year at an astounding pace, 64.5 percent greater in 2011 than 2010, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).
Real Estate, Residential, US Real Estate

What "Affordability"?

By Broderick Perkins | March 30, 2012
If you've been scratching your head over claims that housing is "more affordable than ever," you aren't alone and, given the most up-to-date report on home prices, more scratchers could be joining you.
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