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Streamline Your HOA Management With Software

By Jamie Richardson | September 8, 2021
If you’ve recently joined the board and started to lead your homeowner’s association, you’ve undoubtedly grown familiar with the challenges and hurdles involved in keeping everything operating efficiently. Managing anything is a daunting task, even for the most seasoned folks. Managing a homeowner's association is twice as challenging in some ways. Fortunately, you can vastly […]
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What You Need to Know About HOA Fees

By Brian Kline | June 22, 2020
Too many people fail to pay attention to the impact HOA fees have on homeownership. HOAs are serious about collecting the fees owed to them. When fees are unpaid, it can have devastating consequences for current homeowners and people looking to buy another home who left unpaid fees behind at a previous community. However, HOA […]
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HOA Fees and Credit Ratings

By Brian Kline | July 12, 2016
Somewhere around 25 percent of homeowners pay homeowner association fees for a variety of services that range from common area maintenance to security patrols. However, something different from what a few landlords report as rental delinquencies to the credit unions, HOAs traditionally have not reported delinquent HOA fees to credit unions. Unpaid HOA fees not […]
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Is a Community with a Homeowners Association (HOA) Right for You?

By Anita Clark | February 18, 2013
If you ask 100 buyers whether a community with an HOA is right for them you are sure to get a variety of answers ranging from "Absolutely!" to "Are you crazy!" and even "What is an HOA?". Opinions vary on their purpose and follow-through, and while they are rampant in some parts of the country, other areas have very few HOA communities.
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