3 Things You Need To Know About HOA Management Companies

Most people mistake a homeowners’ association, also known as HOA, to be the same as an HOA management company. While HOA is simply an association of volunteer homeowners with the primary purpose of attending to the community’s needs and wants, an HOA management company specializes in offering professional community management.  To properly define these roles

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First Time Buyers Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

Regardless of the market cycle, first time buyers always make up a significant portion in any market. That’s just as true today with millennials entering the first time buyers’ market at an ever-increasing pace.

HOA Fees and Credit Ratings

Somewhere around 25 percent of homeowners pay homeowner association fees for a variety of services that range from common area maintenance to security patrols. However, something different from what a few landlords report as rental delinquencies to the credit unions, HOAs traditionally have not reported delinquent HOA fees to credit unions. Unpaid HOA fees not

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Home Owners Associations – The Power Of Private Government To Control You And Your Property

You might think it’s not possible to get ‘blood out of a turnip’. But you’d be wrong, very, very wrong. Homeowners associations are one of the few, if not the only entity besides the IRS that do indeed have the power to make a turnip bleed…

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