Demystifying Home Automation Kits for the Modern Homeowner

The modern homeowner has moved beyond décor aesthetics to tech-based home improvements. Home automation is one of these trending tech-based ideas today.  Home automation kits give you control over multiple devices in your home via a mobile device. From the thermostat, security system, alarms, lighting, access doors, entertainment system to sprinklers, you can now control

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First-Time Homebuyers: How Modern Technology is Changing the Experience

It used to be that your first stop to buying a home was to the local real estate office. Technology has made shopping for a home more convenient.

Future Homes what to expect with changing Technology

If you think that we are dozens of years away from futuristic homes and living, think again! Many of the technologies we use today were only thought of and manufactured over the past few years and many more are on the way that seem “too impossible.” The Future In The Bedroom This bed is still

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10 Hot Housing Trends to Expect in 2015

In real estate trends typically come slowly, and though they may entice buyers and sellers, remind them that trends are just that—a change in direction that may captivate, go mainstream, then disappear. Which way they’ll go is hard to predict, but here are a few trends that experts expect to draw great appeal this year

Keeping Up With The Jetsons – Home Technology In The Real World

I remember as a kid, watching “George Jetson” Saturday mornings and being amazed by the technology at the Jetson’s disposal. Who wouldn’t love a flying car and a chute that propelled you anywhere you needed to go? But my favorite part was the house…George’s wife Jane didn’t have to lift a finger to do the

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