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How Real Estate Agents can Automate Their Social Media Accounts

By Zach Parker | June 24, 2022

According to the National Association of Realtors, highlights indicate that existing and pending home sales have seen a steep decline. The housing market showcases a housing shortage, with rising mortgage rates at 5.8% and inflation rates at 8.6%. This makes it incredibly difficult for potential buyers despite solid demand. 

Real estate agents' response to declining homeownership opportunities can be made through a powerful and proactive digital presence. They are bringing in information and assistance to boost the housing market potential.

Most agents are looking for better ways to use social media for their business. They can be overwhelming to keep up with. Real estate social media automation allows you to strategically use your time to reach the full potential of your lead generation prospects.

Let us show you how you can automate your social media tasks and engage with prospects and clients—helping you waste less time in the long run.

The Importance of Real Estate Social Media

The thing is: businesses need to be online to show up in those searches! More and more businesses are taking to social media to get more online exposure for their companies.

Social media marketing is essential to the real estate agent's arsenal, as you would know. Gone are the days of cold calling and searching for ways to better the sales process through complex or more time-consuming means. 

The only problem? Managing social media can take up a lot of time. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way for your business's social media accounts to appear active even when you're not there?

As agents, you may often be bogged down on the little details that waste your time. Either that or you're flooded with different responsibilities that can become overwhelming, and your online presence might be one of the main contributing factors.

Your social media profile can connect with prospective and current customers on a larger scale. Not only that, but you can continue building better relationships through your emails, social listening tools, and online engagement. All while keeping up to date on industry news.

This brings trust and helps you continue building the foundations as an authoritative figure within your network.

That's where automation comes into play to help save you and your team's day! By automating your social media accounts, agents can save time and make managing your presence more straightforward and accessible.

What Does Automation Entail for Real Estate Agents?

Social media is an essential l for real estate agents, just like any other industry professional. Using social media marketing, agents can provide updated information on listings, rates, important information, and more that would go into your marketing strategy in a digestible way.

Automation entails:

  • You are integrating your social media platforms to gain valuable insight into your profiles.
  • sending relevant content out consistently to keep you at the top of clients' minds
  • Social listening tools monitor essential information and can keep on the pulse of things.
  • Using chatbots to help you answer frequently asked questions can direct clients to human interaction if necessary.

The right software will use your content calendar to schedule out to your integrated platforms. It will also help keep you relevant within the housing market as you propel clients. Where they need to be as you listen to their pain points like property tax, to expand your budget.

If you haven't done so already, think of marketing real estate services. On top of the relevant automation software. They allow you to delegate tasks further, especially if you're used to being a one-person show instead of working in a team within an agency.

Your social media profile must be agile and resourceful. If you want in the internet of things age to stay ahead of the competition. But also to better connect within the housing market and the steep decline you are seeing today.

Remember, consistency and engagement are crucial to your success which is why there is a big emphasis on particular points.

How do You Find the Right Automation Tools for Your Social Media Accounts?

Many different social media tools can be used. So, it's crucial to find the right ones. According to, the most popular automation tools for social media ranges.

The best tools span across Hootsuite, Coschedule, Buffer, and Sprout Social to name a few. 

Hootsuite is an easy way to track engagement rates and measure results. It is a great tool for different-sized companies, including an agent working alone. Sprout social provides sophisticated features for automating posts that are best for small real estate agencies. 

You can scale accordingly amongst these top two options. You are making it budget-friendly.

The best way to find the automation tools that are perfect for you is by looking at specific features and solutions. This makes it easy to move through campaigns and identifies improvement points. Three key points to track include:

  1. Do they allow you to engage easily?
  2. How do they measure results?
  3. Can they integrate seamlessly with your tech stack?

What Challenges do You Face When You Don't Automate?

There are many challenges that can come with not automating as you may know. These can include:

  • Staying on top of multiple threads and discussions at once.
  • Measuring the results of your posts across all your channels at once and tracking changes over time.
  • Focusing on creating compelling stories that connect with your audience.
  • You may not have time to post regularly or on time which breaks engagement rates on your social media platforms.

The same can be said for finding the right tools to use. The challenges of not having the right tools to automate your social media can be like this:

  • Ineffective or inaccurate data on post analytics.
  • Inability to build team collaborations easily. 
  • Inability to integrate your posts across different platforms.

How Can You Automate Your Account to Make it More Effective?

You can do this by batch-creating content. After you've done that, the easiest part will then be to schedule a month's worth of content to be automated at specific times. Planning in advance and scheduling your content to roll out to your different social media platforms helps you keep momentum in the consistency department. 

Your chatbots on your different social media platforms can also help you automate. As previously mentioned, it's best to keep the chatbot experience at frequently asked questions.

However, you can also use it to let your clients know what resources to use. Or even what your company hours are if you don't have a virtual assistant they can be directed to or personally talk to you.

Tips for Making Your Social Media Posts connected and Engaging as an Agent

There are a few tips that real estate agents can use to make their social media posts more engaging and connected. 

Firstly agents should focus on using photos that represent their listings well. By using high-quality photos, agents can help customers visualize the property they're viewing. Additionally, agents should create content that is relevant to their audience and niche market.

It's necessary to stay focused on driving traffic through a narrative for each position. So, if you are looking to take your real estate business to the next level. Research what best engages your audience through the relevant social listening tools.

You can also make a content marketing mix to lead them through your different social media platforms. 

This way the client will feel connected to the post and will likely follow along with future updates. You can also make your social media profile a little more personal. Give them behind-the-scenes clips and allow people to get to know you more in posts.

If you have a team behind you allow people to get to know them too!

Finally, it's important for agents to be active on social media. Sharing interesting content multiple times per week and responding to people will help keep engagement rates high. People may even consider buying or listing their properties with you because they have a great sense of who you are and they were able to communicate with you.

Want More Ways to Build Your Business?

By automating your social media accounts you can ensure more leads, better relationships, and more sales. As real estate agents, social media may not always be your strongest suit unless you're one of the lucky ones who just flourish online!

If you want to learn more about real estate trends, updated news, and how digital marketing can help all agents. Follow our website for more! 

Zach Parker is the writer of The Real Estate Digital Age, Teaching Realtors the art of Digital Real Estate Marketing at Realty Biz News Real Estate Marketing & Beyond

Zach is a digital marketing expert, solopreneur, and Owner of ProSource Media. As a crypto holder and owner of several investment properties, he closely monitors market and data trends in both real estate and blockchain. Zach covers Market Watch at Realty Biz News
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