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13 Ways to Increase Your Home Value

By Anita Clark | March 2, 2021
To many, becoming a house owner is a dream come true. Not without reason: having your own house inevitably provides comfort and an impeccable sense of security, which many people crave. At the same time, though, being a house owner is not a piece of cake, as it requires a lot of responsibility, organization, and […]
Value of your home
US Real Estate

6 Factors That Can Positively or Negatively Affect Your Home Value

By Jamie Richardson | April 30, 2020
Homeowners often search for smart ways to increase the value of their houses without breaking the bank. From maintaining gardens to adding energy-efficient appliances, various factors can add value to your property. On the flip side, there are a few factors that can decrease the value of your house. Damaged moldings or water leaks in […]

Creative Ways For Increasing Your Home’s Value

By Jamie Richardson | April 9, 2020
People will tell you that real estate is one of the safest investments out there. And they are not wrong. Real estate really is a great investment. Not only does its value remain stable, but it also appreciates over the years. And if you want, you can further accelerate the rate at which your property’s […]
Home Buying

How Much Is Your Inherited Home Worth?

By Regina Gables | November 14, 2019
It doesn't happen especially often, but every now and then, someone will find themselves the new owner of a home through inheritance. The top three reasons that people engage in estate planning are to avoid probate, minimize discord among beneficiaries, and protect children from mismanaging their inheritances. During the estate planning process, someone may leave […]
Home Design

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

By Lewis Robinson | October 12, 2019
Making improvements to your New Mexico home is one way to help increase its visual appeal. As you look around, you might find things that might look old, outdated, or just not quite as you like. Undertaking home improvement projects can help you to get more enjoyment out of your home. If you’re considering selling, […]
DIY-Home Improvement

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

By Jamie Richardson | September 26, 2018
No matter if you’re preparing to sell your home or are finally ready to make some upgrades to your home, it makes the most sense to spend money on home renovation projects that
home improvement
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How Keen Homeowners Increase the Value of Their Homes

By Rachelle Wilber | May 2, 2017
However, there are things you can do to your home to increase a home's value to buyers. Here some of the ways that keen homeowners increase the value of their homes.
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