Virtual Reality Helping Insurers to Understand Risk More Easily

Not so long ago the usage of virtual reality was regarded as being confined to video games but nowadays it is increasingly being used by other industries and in particular by the insurance industry. Apparently, the insurance industry is finding virtual reality useful for training and research and for product development.

Insurance Claims Can Send Premiums Soaring

Household insurance is there for your peace of mind, but a new report shows filing even just one claim can send your premiums soaring. This increase can run into hundreds of dollars in certain states. Apparently filing just a single claim for anything from tornado damage to a stolen bicycle will see your premiums being

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Buying Home Insurance: What You Need to Know

You know full well you need home insurance to protect yourself against accidents, burglary, and unfortunate acts of nature, but choosing the right kind of policy isn’t as easy as all that. To make sure that your home has the right kind of coverage at the right price, read up on these home insurance essentials before you go shopping around.

Scandal of Forced Placed Insurance Emerges

It’s estimated that thousands of homeowners have been ripped off with forced placed insurance, and they will be interested to know that the National Mortgage Complaint Center is beginning a national initiative to try to put right this scandal.   The watchdog is asking homeowners to contact them on their website, as they want

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