Estate Insurance – Make Sure You Have The Right Policy

Property managers and Real Estate agents need to have insurance coverage for their business, clients, tenants, and even the properties they manage. The insurance needs of various property management companies might seem similar; however, there are ways in which the needs are unique. Hence, as a real estate agent or property manager, you should have

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Top Winter Insurance Claims and How to Give Them the Cold Shoulder

One of the most challenging seasons for Toronto real estate homeowners is winter. Despite the merrymaking that comes with the season, it also brings numerous perils that lead to roof insurance claims. Let’s take a closer look at these common winter claims and some of the most effective ways to prevent them from happening. The

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New Homeowner Insurance With Benefits

As we move further into the hot spring market, home prices in many markets are almost certain to rise. For owners that still have underwater mortgages this is great news. But for buyers, the continuous increase in prices is leaving them skeptical that the market might again crash and many mortgages (including ones they buy

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Groups Seek to Stop Forced Homeowners Insurance

One of the main requirements for securing a mortgage is homeowners insurance. Lenders want to protect their investments, and so they will nearly always insist on this requirement. This insistence is taken to extremes when a homeowner forget to renew their home insurance policy – the lender will do so for them, forcing them to pay for homeowners insurance that is often very expensive.

Scandal of Forced Placed Insurance Emerges

It’s estimated that thousands of homeowners have been ripped off with forced placed insurance, and they will be interested to know that the National Mortgage Complaint Center is beginning a national initiative to try to put right this scandal.   The watchdog is asking homeowners to contact them on their website, as they want

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