Things Your Online Broker Might Never Tell You

If you maintain an investment account outside of your company’s retirement plan, you probably do so through a major brokerage. Most Americans have IRA accounts for their online trading endeavors, but there are some important things to know that your broker may hide in the fine print that can actually add up quickly. Inactivity Fees

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Investing in Real Estate IRA? Here are 7 Facts You Should Know

Buying real estate with IRA is one the best ways to create a steady source of income during retirement. It takes a minimum down payment and the earnings grow tax-free.

Investors’ Favor Real Estate – Self-directed Retirement Accounts Are a Good Choice

Investor’s and homeowners alike are favoring real estate as a preferred investment. A previous survey showed 27 percent of Americans now favor real estate as their investment of choice.

6 Reasons Why Investing Early Is A Good Idea

The earlier in life that you start investing, the more likely it is that you will enjoy your retirement or generally achieve financial security in life.

Location, Location, Location: The Best Places to Invest in Real Estate

As housing prices continue to rise and wages remain stationary, homebuyers struggle to afford the houses that they want, which is bad news for first-time buyers in particular. However, investors are able to reap all of the benefits of this market, with it continuing to show strength and good return. When looking into purchasing investment

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Increasing Interest Rates and Real Estate Investing

In December, the Federal Reserve announced that it will be raising the short-term interest rate for the first time in almost a decade. It has held that interest rate at near zero as a method of stimulating the economy. The initial increase will be mild at an announced rate increase of between 0.25 and 0.5

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Your Guide To Reverse Mortgage Strategies

People are literally retiring by the hundreds of thousands each year and will continue doing so for the next decade. That means these people will be looking everywhere for retirement funds. One of those places is the equity in their homes. That means reverse mortgages are going to be an attractive option for years to

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Crowdfunding – What Investors Need to Learn

This is a follow up to an article about the growth of Crowdfunding first published April 17. While still evolving, crowdfunding is almost certain to change the way many investors approach the real estate and other investment markets of the future. Here is what the 2015 PENSCO CROWDFUNDING REPORT says about the evolution of Crowdfunding:

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Free Your Retirement Funds From Wall Street and Retire Rich

There are many alternative ways to invest your retirement funds that most investors are not aware of. The first step is establishing a checkbook IRA. This is very different than giving control of your retirement account to a Wall Street stock trading firm. When you open a checkbook IRA, you assume full responsibility for your

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Understanding How to Buy Real Estate Through Your IRA

If you are sick and tired of the roller coaster ride the stock market takes your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) on, you need to take the time to learn about alternative investments that you can invest your IRA in. For most American’s, their retirement account represents their second largest amount of wealth, behind their principle

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