Protecting Your Real Estate Assets Legally

If you are invested in real estate, you should be aware that you have a higher risk of becoming the target of a lawsuit in our litigious society. In 2015 there were more than 15.3 million civil court cases

Real Estate Trust – Protecting Your Business

Structuring your real estate business can be done in many different ways. Like any business, it never comes completely without risk. How you title your properties can determine how much   protection your business has. How much protection a real estate trust provides depends on the overall structure of your business. You should consult with a

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Real Estate Trust – Another Way to Protect Your Investments

Investing in real estate can be done in many different ways. But like any business, it doesn’t come without risk. Titling investment properties in a real estate trust can provide some protection for your business when done correctly. How much protection a real estate trust offers depends on how your overall business is structured and

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The Dreaded 1099c Form for Real Estate Investors

You may find yourself in a position of having to short sale a property as a real estate investor. If you do, be sure you understand the possible IRS tax penalty. Investor tax consequences can be very different from the tax consequences of a short sale for an owner occupied home. The IRS Comes Calling

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How A Title to Commercial Real Estate Should be Held

Many commercial real estate investors make a simple but potentially financially disastrous mistake when taking title to commercial properties. The mistake is placing the property title in their personal name. This leaves commercial real estate owners at great legal risk on several fronts. When commercial real estate title is held in your name, you not

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How to Choose the Proper Business Entity

For those who want to experience economic security and some freedom and privacy, starting your own business can be the first step. To do this, you have to take the proper steps to make sure you do it all the right way.

Hilco Forms New Group to Assist Deeply Distressed Assets

Hilco Real Estate, LLC has formed a new group called Hilco Real Estate Managed Asset Resolutions (HREMAR), which it will task with providing specialized, turnkey loan services to loan and real estate investing agencies with deeply distressed loans and REO assets.

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