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Debunking Artificial Intelligence

By Allison Halliday | December 28, 2016
As pointed out by an article in, artificial intelligence is very much a trending topic. Numerous industries are beginning to see the possibilities of this technology, including healthcare, customer service, transportation, and manufacturing.
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How Artificial Intelligence Is Affecting the Real Estate Industry

By Al Twitty | December 2, 2016
Back in 1956, John McCarthy first coined the term Artificial Intelligence. Ever since, the technology has, gradually but surely, been developing and improving.
Real Estate Technology

Google’s Apps for Work and Cloud Platform Business Continuing to Benefit from Alphabet’s Innovative Culture

By Allison Halliday | August 1, 2016
Although advertising revenue is constantly dominating Alphabets revenues, Google’s cloud business is continuing to grow steadily. Technology Business Research has estimated that Google’s cloud revenue which is comprised of Google Apps for Work, for Education and for Government, as well as Google Cloud Platform Revenue grew by nearly 62% to reach $989 million in the […]
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Shutterstock unveils new AI-based keyword suggestion tool for iOS

By Mike Wheatley | July 25, 2016
Image provider Shutterstock Inc. has jumped on the machine learning bandwagon with the release of a new keyword suggestion tool on iOS that’s aimed at contributors.
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Search Engines Incorporate Logic and Machine Learning Processes into Algorithms

By Cedric Jackson | March 7, 2016
Over the course of the past several years, major players in the search engine game, including Google and Bing, have been working to improve and upgrade their algorithms and machine learning processes in order to improve the end-user’s experience. To do so, search engines have started to write logic and incorporate machine learning algorithms into […]
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