Avoid Losing an Already Approved Mortgage

You’ve spent hours and hours looking at potential investment houses or even for your primary residence. You’ve found the perfect property and had your offer accepted. Submitting the required paperwork for the mortgage seems to have included documenting when you first started putting coins in a piggy bank as a child.

Real Estate Market Could Be Boosted by Former Homeowners

It looks as if this could be the year when the property market is boosted by former homeowners able to reenter the real estate market sooner than they thought. Last year revisions were made to the Federal Housing Administration guidelines during the summer, and were followed by technical updates to Fannie Mae loan approval systems

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What Role Do Real Estate Agents Play Today?

Real estate consumers have much more information at their disposal with MLS, public records, valuation programs and demographic data all available. Given this, what role do agents play? A National Association of Realtors survey conducted in 2012 gives a few highlights.

Which Documents are Required for Securing a Mortgage?

Ready to scout over various home sales to find out the one that best fits your idea of “dream home”? Great! But don’t forget that the surest way to heartbreak is to find your dream home and make plans to move in, only to find a lack of sufficient documents means you can’t secure the mortgage you need to finance it.

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