Moving companies can’t keep up with demand

Moving companies are struggling to keep up, with 71% of firms reporting delays in 2021 due to what they say is high demand and a shortage of labor. That’s according to a survey of 63 moving companies by moveBuddha, a resource on moving home. The takeaway is that buyers who’re planning to move will need

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Be Prepared: Six Papers You Need to Move Internationally

Moving internationally can be a very exciting time, but it is also an extremely difficult task as well. It takes a lot of planning to coordinate your move with your new country

6 Types of Moving Companies for Easy Relocation

Moving is stressful, especially packing and unpacking your belongings. When you have been staying at a place for even a few months, the amount of goods that you acquire take a long time to pack. They may be your clothes, furniture, books, your pots, pans and other valuables.

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