Investing Your Private Money In Todays Market

There are many ways to successfully invest in real estate. One that is currently taking on a renewed life is private money lending. With the banks sitting on the sidelines, private lending creates an opportunity for investors to make a high return while having their money secured by real property. Private money lending can be

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Owner Financing – A Strategy for Sellers to Cash Out

There is no doubt that obtaining a bank loan is very difficult in today’s economy. As a result, more and more real estate investors are seeking seller-financing. That option doesn’t always work when the seller has a near-term need for the cash, unless they are aware that the secondary market for real estate secured by

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Ending The Crisis: Foreclosures Condemn All The Properties

The basic idea is to keep people in their homes but use the government power of eminent domain to condemn the properties. Once the properties are condemned

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