Insurance Claims Can Send Premiums Soaring

Household insurance is there for your peace of mind, but a new report shows filing even just one claim can send your premiums soaring. This increase can run into hundreds of dollars in certain states. Apparently filing just a single claim for anything from tornado damage to a stolen bicycle will see your premiums being

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Are Your Investments Insured If the Ground Rumbles and the Wind Blows?

Natural disasters happen all of the time. Often in unexpected places. The east coast is still recovering from hurricane Sandy that happened more than a year ago. You may need to give some thought to your property insurance coverage. Many times, you’ve seen pictures on television of flooding caused by rivers, hurricanes, and other causes.

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Speciality Contractor Gives Building Restoration Tips for Summer Storms

American Restoration is a leading specialist contractor and believes property owners should be prepared to deal with an active summer storm season that is being predicted for this year. In addition, property developers and construction companies may also hire a construction stormwater compliance contractor to ensure that there are adequate stormwater facilities in the site. 

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Why US Property Owners Should Assess Insurance Needs Regularly

Insurance is vital for owners of property, simply because housing is worth so much money. Recent statistics showed that six percent of homeowners make a claim in the space of just a year – 97 percent of which are related to property damage.

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