Top Tech Services Every Realtor Must Have: Part 1

I am constantly testing and playing with the latest in online, software and hardware, but there is this core group of services that seem to stay on top of my list because they’re simple and easy to use, as well as free or inexpensive.

Six New Tech Tools to Boost your Business

Few industries haven’t been disrupted by the development of innovative apps. Some support the system from the sidelines (think the hospitality industry), while others find a home right in the center, like the numerous apps out there that can make the life of a real estate agent that much easier.

Lifestyle Search System for Oregon Homes – A Voila! Game Changer

Imagine searching cheesy press releases and finding a real story of real estate tech. Well, this is the one in a million revelation of a Portland broker’s new search tool. For people headed to this part of Oregon, this agent just dropped down some value.

Cloud Technology for Realtors (Part 1 of 2)

Apple has recently unveiled a new Cloud Technology, called iCloud. “Cloud” storage can be thought of as an online storage facility that allows Realtors and other professionals to be away from the home office and store, track and manipulate documents and data in the field. Instead of storing data/documents on the office hard rive, cloud […]

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