Is Reality TV Giving a False Impression of Home Remodeling?

Reality television shows that feature instant home makeovers are popular, but some remodelers say that such shows paint an unrealistic picture of the time and money required to remodel a home

Want More Money For Your Home? Remodel It

Home owners are remodeling their homes to increase the value, but they also are showing more desire to stay and enjoy their remodels before they move on.

NAHB: Most Popular ‘Green’ Home Features Revealed

Over the next five years, the number of remodelers who tackle more than 60 percent of their projects with “green” products is expected to double, according to a new green building study conducted by McGraw Hill Construction and the National Association of Home Builders.

The Top 10 Remodeling Gurus on Twitter & How Come [Updated]

Everybody on the Internet loves lists. As to the reason “why” people enjoy them, it’s enough to look at the psychology behind them. Basically though, lists cover a few basic reader needs, and relieve some of the pain of web texts. Not the least of these “pains” is eye strain and fatigue in reading long texts on your screen, but this is fodder for another article. Let’s just say lists are “easy”, and get on with this one.

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