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The Top 10 Remodeling Gurus on Twitter & How Come [Updated]

By Phil Butler | January 29, 2013

Everybody on the Internet loves lists. As to the reason "why" people enjoy them, it's enough to look at the psychology behind them. Basically though, lists cover a few basic reader needs, and relieve some of the pain of web texts. Not the least of these "pains" is eye strain and fatigue in reading long texts on your screen, but this is fodder for another article. Let's just say lists are "easy", and get on with this one. [Updates at article end]

Remodeling social engagement

Mashup background - Courtesy © Les Cunliffe -

Below are listed the ten best Twitter engagements for remodeling experts (entities) we have found based on a combination of klout and other engagement factors.

XTreme Remodeling@chicagoremodel

Xtreme Remodeling is a Chicago local remodeling company with big Twitter ambitions. If it were not for their following being under 5,000 or so, their huge overall score would set them apart where Tweeting good business is concerned. The long and short of following being reach. They are tops with 2009 Points.

Tim Layton@RemodelingGuy

Moving past some big time brands into this space, on the sheer weight of actually being in the "conversation", Layton talks with people. And this, is what social media is all about. The Remodeling Guy is among the very best on SM by any measure. AND, he knows his stuff where tools and tips go too. 1716 Points

Money Pit@moneypit

The name kinda says it all,  now doesn't it? Who can fail to notice how our American Dream can so often turn into a big whole to dump money into. So, to find out how to minimize the damage done, million turn to the money pit gurus. Okay, thousands anyways. Tom and Leslie have become fixtures for anyone who needs to know about what's up on the remodeling end of things. Their 1650 Points prove they are serious about other things too.

Remodeling Show@Remodeling_Show

Remodeling Show's social media brigade shows off how come things are always bigger in  Texas, particularly in Dallas. The ever popular show professes Real People.  Real Business.  Real Education. and comes through this way on Twitter too. 1632 Points

Remodel Crazy@RemodelCrazy

This may sound crazy, but sometimes going out on a ledge just pays off. Not everybody in remodeling, or wanting to, fits a cookie cutter profile of want and need. The peeps at this outfit understand how SM works, and how blogging for effect should be done too. They score big on reciprocity with 1404 Points


It's interesting how two of the three top faucet makers are in this list. Delta, another of the world's best products for any kitchen or bath remodel project, shows their understanding of marketing and 21st Century business with their Twitter tone too. Their klout score is a massive 78 (that even beats me). For your Twitter bath remodel search, the 1014 Points of Delta should bring them into view.


The folks at Houzz are, by far the most innovative and creative digital people in this space. Their Houzz app for mobile is an award winning, multi-dimensional platform that is not only extremely useful, but addictive once you mess around with it. Evidently, the same drive and innovation which led these folks to make the world's best home improvement app, also transfers to their marketing and digital savvy. They get 10 of 10 for being so obviously the best developers out there. 726.6 points


Let's face it, if you are going to manufacture hardware that is intended for remodeling us... Well, you had better reach out via all the ad and marketing channels to optimize your revenue gain, eh? Kohler looks as if they figured out Twitter some time back. Tweeting frequently, and talking rather than just broadcasting, the world's most famous faucet guys are pretty famous on Twitter too. 558 Points

NAHB Twitter@NAHBRemodelers

The experts from the National Association of Home Builders have their foot in the proverbial social media door with this Twitter engagement. A great klout score would be far more effective as a ranking measure if the HAHB  peeps followed more persons. Their score suffers for broadcasting a bit too much. 392.0 Points

Cambria Quartz


Cambria Quarty is not strictly a remodeling expertise company, but with a massive score like theirs, a lot can be gleaned from how they do things on Twitter. AND, they do do some great stuff in the space in the real world too. For me their motto of "Dream wildly - live distinctively" says a whole bunch. Why else are we here? They get their honorable mention due to 2128 Points

We welcome your suggestions for Twitter people in the remodeling space as well. Be advise I did not include some because, like Bob Villa and others, they have massive followings without actually caring to listen. And too, some have no klout score at all, or their profiles are purely broadcast and SPAMMY. There are other limiting factors too, but the basic formula for making this list is - followers over following, multiplied by klout score.

Update One: Interestingly, Moen, one company that almost made the list above, was the second player to respond to my gentle prodding via the social networks. Their Facebook brought the following visit:


Moen Facebook peeps paying attention


Then Delta


Then Houzz

The Kohler's favorite

Kohler tweet fave

The Remodeling Show

And Cambria

Phil Butler is a former engineer, contractor, and telecommunications professional who is editor of several influential online media outlets including part owner of Pamil Visions with wife Mihaela. Phil began his digital ramblings via several of the world’s most noted tech blogs, at the advent of blogging as a form of journalistic license. Phil is currently top interviewer, and journalist at Realty Biz News.
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