Why you need to warn your clients about deed restrictions

Homeowners who’re looking to remodel their homes could be in for a nasty surprise due to so-called deed restrictions, Realtor.com is reporting.

Home Owners Associations – The Power Of Private Government To Control You And Your Property

You might think it’s not possible to get ‘blood out of a turnip’. But you’d be wrong, very, very wrong. Homeowners associations are one of the few, if not the only entity besides the IRS that do indeed have the power to make a turnip bleed…

What Buyers Should (But Don’t) Look for in a Home

Home buyers are often a pretty predictable bunch really. Nine times out of ten, buyers are concerned with the home’s location, its appearance, and cost, in no particular order. But there are many factors that need considering other than these three – especially if the buyer intends to remain happy in their new home for years to come.

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