Home Bay expands into title and settlement services after buying stake in OnTitle

San Diego-based Home Bay has recently extended its escrow services beyond its home state of California, into states including Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Texas.

Why you need to warn your clients about deed restrictions

Homeowners who’re looking to remodel their homes could be in for a nasty surprise due to so-called deed restrictions, Realtor.com is reporting.

Real Estate Transactions Haunted By Title Defects

Title defects have become a major cause for concern within the real estate market in recent years, which some feel cause wrongful foreclosures and contribute to stagnation in many markets.

How A Title to Commercial Real Estate Should be Held

Many commercial real estate investors make a simple but potentially financially disastrous mistake when taking title to commercial properties. The mistake is placing the property title in their personal name. This leaves commercial real estate owners at great legal risk on several fronts. When commercial real estate title is held in your name, you not

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Should I Choose My Own Title Company?

A title company facilitates a real estate transaction between a buyer and seller. The title company searches for any liens on the property, collects all of the funds and holds them in escrow, prepares all of the documentation to transfer title, disburses all of the funds to the appropriate parties at closing and insures the buyer against any claims to the title that may appear after the closing

Title Problems That Can Kill Your Real Estate Closing

There is a poster I keep in my office entitled “The real estate closing”, and it’s made up of three panels.  The first panel has all of the participants in the closing sitting straight up in an orderly fashion in a rowboat with oars ready to get started.  The appraiser, the lender, the real estate

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