Rick Otton Returns To UK For Property Mastermind Conference This April

Just like in the US, getting a foothold on the property ladder can be extremely tough for first-time buyers in the UK. But as the old saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s almost always a way, and celebrity real estate investor Rick Otton seems to know how.

Property Investment Expert Rick Otton Shares Remote Investing Tips in Podcast

In his latest Creative Real Estate iTunes podcast, property investment strategist Rick Otton shares tips with property investors on saving time and money through remote marketing and investing. As property investors no longer need to see a property when buying or selling it, as advised by the Australian property investment strategist as Google maps along with other types of handy technology turn remote decision making into a reality.

Rick Otton Launches UK Real Estate Conference

Young adults in the UK are often referred to in the newspapers as being ‘Generation Rent’ due to the difficulties they face in trying to get onto the property ladder. A report by the Institute for Public Policy (IPPR) has shown problems with affordability have indeed created a generation of renters.

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