Subprime Mortgages Becoming More Available, but at a Price

During the housing crisis borrowers with bad credit records were unable to obtain mortgages, but now a small number of lenders are beginning to offer subprime mortgages once again. These types of mortgages are becoming available to borrowers who present a higher credit risk, typically those with scores of less than 640. The article in

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Lenders Return To The Subprime Market

Lenders are returning to the subprime market – although still at only a fraction of what subprime lending was before the mortgage crisis, BusinessWeek reports.

Taxpayers On Hook As Government Insured Lending Spins Out Of Control

Even as government agencies settle mortgage and foreclosure related lawsuits, the Dodd-Frank legislation takes effect and the nation grapples with the fallout from the largest credit crisis in U.S. history, the truth is we’re no better off today than we were when this entire mess began to unravel back in 2007.

Minority Groups Less Likely to Secure A Mortgage

Obtaining a mortgage in a U.S. city nowadays is far more difficult for ethnic minority races to achieve, reports a new study released last Thursday.

The authors of the study, “Paying More for the American Dream V”, called for mortgage lenders to increase their investments in poorer communities, as well as an improvement in disclosure requirements in order to protect borrowers.

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