Tiny Houses; A New Real Estate Boom?

The tiny house movement is really taking off across America and it’s making headway in Europe. There are some amazing tiny house designs out there, fully functional houses with many mod cons- just tiny versions that make great use of space. The small house movement is primarily a social movement, but is architecturally important too.

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Now There’s a Chance to ‘Test Drive’ Tiny Houses

According to an article in MSN.com, an increasing number of people are interested in the idea of so-called tiny homes, which are small, eco-friendly houses on wheels. Now one innovative company is giving people interested in perhaps purchasing one of these homes in the future, the chance to spend the night in a custom-designed rental

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Home Sweet Whatever: More Than Just a House

What makes a home? The answer is different for everyone. Some might say the tumble of children running down the stairs right when you walk in the door. Old Grandpa George would say it takes a great lawn to make a great home. For some, it’s the town that makes the home. Some people want huge homes, and some want cozy cottages. And that’s the beauty of it all – we all want something different, so the world of home varies wildly and colourfully.

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