Achilleas “The Don” Kallakis Sentenced for Britain’s Biggest Property Fraud

Achilleas Kallakis, dubbed “The Don” for his high mafioso like bravado in defrauding Allied Irish Bank and the Bank of Scotland out of £750 million, has been sentenced to seven years.

UK Mortgage Rescue Scheme Underutilized According to Raidan

In news from the UK housing market, according to housing provider Raidan has expressed concern over unallocated funds from the government there’s mortgage rescue schema. Some £115 million of the £221 million available funds available to troubled homeowners remains are as yet not take advantage of according to the company.

UK Building Societies Give Better Rates than Banks

According to an article in Propertywire, UK building societies are offering better rates on mortgage deals than banks. The research from MoneySupermarket, shows that low rates don’t necessarily indicate the very best deals, and it’s well worth checking not only the interest rates but also the fees.

Asking Prices in the UK Hit an All-Time High

The average asking price for a home in England and Wales is now £243,737, an all-time high at £1,237 more than figures seen four years ago. Even so, this doesn’t paint a particularly accurate picture of the UK housing market.

North-South Divide Is Alive and Kicking in the UK

More homeowners in the north of the UK have loans which are underwater, or in negative equity, than in the South. The percentage of UK mortgage holders with negative equity currently stands at 5.6%, with far more people in the north of England being affected than those living in the South

Mortgage Activity Increases 63% Year-On-Year in the UK

Apparently mortgage activity in the UK picked up last month according to a new survey by valuers Connells, and the number of valuations increased by more than a third compared to August. Overall the number of valuations increased by 11% during the third quarter compared to the second quarter, but when assessed annually the growth

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