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Ethical Wholesaling

By Brian Kline | June 30, 2014
What's a fair profit when you put a house under contract and flip it to an investor that will either rehab it or sell it to an end buyer? When put a property under a purchase option for $500 with a purchase price of $65,000 and a retail value of $100,000 after rehab, is it […]
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Why You Want a Strong Buyers' List

By Brian Kline | June 2, 2014
It takes time to develop but as an investor, one of most important (if not THE most important) assets you can develop is a strong buyers' list. It can take months and even years to build a strong buyers' list but it's something that you should always be working on. This is especially true if […]
Real Estate Investing, US Real Estate

Real Estate Investing Fundamentals & Strategies For 2014, Part Two

By Donna S. Robinson | January 23, 2014
This is part two of a two part series. Click here to read part one. 4. Interest Rates And Investing Strategy are intricately linked. Rates have been controlled by direct Fed intervention for years now. It's difficult to predict when they will go up or what the trigger will be. I'm concerned that retail housing […]
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Wholesaling Properties For Quick Profits

By Guest Author | July 23, 2013
If you're looking to get into real estate without investing your own money and turn a quick profit, you need to understand the wholesaling technique. You can go about wholesaling a property several different ways.
Investing, US Real Estate

Property Flipping, And The Fundamentals That Make It Work

By Donna S. Robinson | January 29, 2013
There are two sides to the word "flipping". One is legal, and a great business model when done correctly. The other is an erroneous application of the word "flipping" in cases where someone uses illegal tactics such as mortgage fraud, secret cash incentives or misrepresentation of some material fact.
Featured News, Investing, US Real Estate

Understanding Real Estate Investing Formulas: Quick Turn - Quick Flip - Wholesaling

By Donna S. Robinson | September 26, 2012
Every real estate investing strategy has some type of formula that is used by professional investors to help them quickly qualify a particular property. These formulas are often tweaked by the investor to suit their specific needs, and the formula is also influenced by the prevailing market fundamentals, as well as the choice of exit strategy.
Investing, US Real Estate

An Overview Of Real Estate Investing Strategies - Quick Turn, Quick Flip For Cash

By Donna S. Robinson | September 11, 2012
In my previous article I did an overview of real estate investing fundamentals. With this article I'm beginning a series on the most popular investing strategies and taking a look at the underlying fundamentals that are essential for success. Quick Cash - (a.k.a. flipping, wholesaling, quick turn) - The primary strategy behind using a property […]
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