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Tech Pieces To Keep Your Property Looking New

By Jamie Richardson | February 10, 2020

Whether you've recently bought a property to live in or sell, keeping it sparkling new is vital. If you're living in a place that looks new, you'll feel more relaxed, unlike going home to a decrepit house. Or, if you're into real estate, keeping a property in its grandest appearance can make or break your business.

The better your property looks, the more it can attract renters or buyers. Moreover, a pleasant-looking property has a higher value, that's why you need to maintain the allure of your property, too.

One way to retain the beauty and freshness of your property is by using these tech pieces:

1. Robot Vacuum Cleaners

The insides of your property should look divine by keeping it dust- and dirt-free. Newly furnished floors and furniture in your property will look worn out if you don't clean them properly. One way to prevent the dust from forming on your stuff is to vacuum them.

What's more, modern technology has further enhanced vacuums’ automation, allowing for a more effortless cleaning. Today’s robot vacuum cleaners know when they're running low on battery, so they automatically go back to their charging station. Another amazing feature they have is being able to remember your property's layout, thereby increasing their efficiency. Moreover, after doing their round, they can even put the collected dirt in a receptacle.

All you need to do is press and set the time, and voila!  Your house will be dust-free after a couple of minutes.

2. Self-watering Planter

Whether you've got plants indoors or outdoors, they perish without proper care. Especially if you don't visit your property daily, your plants may die and become a dreadful sight, affecting the aesthetics of your home.

You wouldn't want to welcome guests or prospective buyers with dead plants on the lawn or inside the property. Hence, you might need self-watering pots or planters to keep your plants healthy. Because these have wicking action, they have the ability to balance the moisture of the soil.

All you need is to keep the water reservoir of the self-watering pots filled. Then, it'll automatically supply the soil and plants with enough moisture without you watering the plants. So, if you're away, you don't need to worry about your plants withering. As a result, you'll keep the greenery of your property healthy, which symbolizes a well-maintained property.

3. Robot Lawn Mower

Another tech piece that would keep your property looking new is a robot lawn mower. You might think keeping your plants healthy is enough; well, having the lawn mowed regularly is as essential.

According to the newest Husqvarna lawn mower reviews, a robot lawn mower works by roaming around your yard and cutting the grass with its spinning blades. Unlike traditional lawn mowers, you can use this equipment even in the wee hours of the night or dawn as they work quietly. This is perfect, especially when you have no time to spare during the day. Moreover, you can just set them on schedule and leave them to work on their own. That way, you can still attend to other important matters.

If you've got a perfect yard to present to your potential home buyers, the more likely that you property will be sold real soon.

4. Toilet Bowl Cleaning System

Another part of your property that should look like it was just built yesterday is your toilet. Especially your toilet bowl, it should stay as white as snow so that you won't disappoint your potential buyers.

Keeping your toilet bowl as clean as ever is so easy with a toilet bowl cleaning system. You won't need to manually scrub and use toxic chemicals anymore. All you need is to attach it to your toilet tank. For every flush, it'll distribute the cleaning agent to your toilet bowl's tube. With such, it can clean your toilet bowl every flush, leaving no stains.

Moreover, this cleaning gadget also has a deodorizing agent that keeps your toilet smelling fresh.

5. Air Purifier

Lastly, you should have an air purifier on every property you're selling or renting. That way, you can kill airborne germs and keep your property smelling fresh. Especially if your potential buyer is sensitive to air impurities, an air purifier could absolutely make all the difference.

What's more, you can turn it on hours before your client arrives so that it'll capture 99.97% of allergens and dust that the human eyes can’t see.

By eliminating any unwanted smell off your property, it will smell like new for as long as you like. As a result, the chances of making a sale increases.


Now that you know how to keep your property looking new, you can attract more clients. From taking care of your property's plants to mowing the lawn, these tech pieces can help you a lot. You can even have tech pieces to keep your floors clean, and your toilet bowl stainless. Lastly, keeping your property's air clean can also help in making it smell fresh all day and night.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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