Tech tools to keep you safe and sound this winter in Memphis

Verizon Communications Inc. wants to help its customers in Memphis and throughout Tennessee to deal with inclement weather conditions this winter by touting a number of new technologies and products that can help people to better deal with severe winter weather.


“Tennessee weather is always unpredictable, but residents can be prepared with the right technology and apps,” said Leo Perreault, executive director of network for Verizon’s South region. “There are many great devices and apps that will help keep everyone apprised of the latest weather reports and prepare them to withstand the inclement weather. Smartphones and tablets are great tools for utilizing weather apps and reports, so Tennesseans are prepared in real time for road conditions and power outages.”

Verizon notes that although the winter has been a mild one so far, temperatures are inevitably set to drop soon. As such, residents in Tennessee need to be prepared for potential power outages and freezing conditions. As such, Verizon recommends they install a back-up generator and use the Quirky ReFuel Smart Propane Tank Gauge to monitor fuel levels. This smart device monitors fuel levels in the generator over Wi-Fi and can send alerts to the user when fuel levels are low via the new Wink app.

Another problem that severe winter weather throws up is it makes road conditions less-than-ideal. As such, Verizon recommends that consumers ensure their smartphone or mobile device is fully charged in case of emergencies. The Juice Pack Ultra and other battery packs can give users up to 21 additional hours of power.

Verizon also recommends the Nest Learning Thermostat that can learn your home’s heating and cooling schedule, keeping the home at a comfortable temperature in the most economical way possible.

Other useful technologies for winter include the latest GizmoPal 2 smart watch, which ensures kids always have a way to connect with their parents. Extra features of the GizmoPal 2 device allow parents to track their children at all times using their smartphones, with notifications being sent out should their children cross specific GPS boundaries.

Finally, Verizon recommends installing an app like the Fresh Air app, which provides minute-by-minute visualizations of local weather conditions.

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