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The most expensive keywords in commercial real estate

By Mike Wheatley | July 14, 2016

Most real estate pros try using SEO tactics to boost their presence on Google and other search engines, and it’s no difference for those who specialize in commercial real estate. But running a successful SEO campaign can be a long, hard slog, which is why many go the sponsored ad route, using Google’s AdWords program to get their websites to the top of Google’s results page.

Of course, Google AdWords doesn’t come free, which each click costing advertiser’s dollars depending on the keywords they use. Indeed, Google generated a massive $52 billion in ad revenues last year alone, which shows you just how big this business is. But how much does it cost YOU to advertise on Google? That’s not an easy question to answer, but thanks to some recent keyword analysis from the guys at Sharp Launch, we now have an idea of the most expensive commercial real estate keywords in 2016.


Top office keywords

#1 greenwich office space  $40.85
#2 nyc office space for rent  $34.46
#3 office space chicago  $27.57
#4 charlotte office space for rent  $27.43
#5 office space miami  $26.47
#6 office space for sale los angeles  $25.77
#7 dc office space  $25.37
#8 manhattan office space rental  $25.03
#9 office space frederick md  $24.76
#10 boston office space for lease  $24.47
#11 san francisco office space  $24.08
#12 office space evanston  $23.32
#13 office space for lease denver  $22.44
#14 portland oregon office space  $22.42
#15 office space glendale ca  $21.60
#16 office space bellevue wa  $21.17
#17 orange county office space  $20.87
#18 office space northampton  $20.42
#19 omaha office space  $20.27
#20 hoboken office space  $20.07


Top retail keywords

#1 retail space in manhattan  $11.82
#2 retail space for lease san francisco  $9.69
#3 commercial retail space for rent nyc  $9.32
#4 seattle retail space  $8.43
#5 boston retail space  $8.24
#6 hoboken retail space  $7.83
#7 retail space for lease in chicago  $7.74
#8 denver retail space  $6.57
#9 retail space for rent in miami  $6.12
#10 retail space for lease houston  $5.50
#11 retail space for lease dc  $4.83
#12 las vegas retail space  $4.80
#13 dallas retail space  $3.93
#14 retail space for lease orange county  $3.61
#15 charlotte retail space  $3.53
#16 retail space san diego  $3.30
#17 retail space for lease raleigh nc  $3.24
#18 los angeles retail space  $3.12
#19 retail space for lease in cambridge ma  $3.02
#20 atlanta retail space  $2.90


Top generic commercial real estate keywords

#1 commercial real estate basics  $71.16
#2 conor commercial real estate  $59.04
#3 summit commercial real estate  $55.37
#4 commercial real estate newsletter  $32.60
#5 commercial real estate contact management software  $30.53
#6 commercial real estate market data  $30.49
#7 commercial real estate coach  $30.45
#8 best crm for commercial real estate  $30.40
#9 commercial real estate management software  $29.93
#10 commercial real estate loan rates calculator  $26.79
#11 commercial real estate accounting  $24.64
#12 commercial real estate marketing software  $23.72
#13 commercial real estate fund  $23.43
#14 air commercial real estate association  $23.43
#15 commercial real estate office space for lease  $20.83
#16 lee & associates commercial real estate  $19.26
#17 commercial real estate loan  $18.57
#18 commercial real estate refinancing  $18.53
#19 commercial real estate loan brokers  $17.89
#20 commercial real estate insurance rates  $17.52

AdWords offers real estate agents an effective way to create new leads, but in order to do so you’ll need a healthy advertising budget, as the cost of the most competitive keywords reveals. Typically, the higher the cost per click for a specific keyword, the more competitive it is, which translates into more hits on your website – so long as you can pay for it!

One useful aspect of these lists is that they’re more or less a reflection of the competitiveness of ranking for SEO keywords. If you target any of the above words or phrases for traditional SEO, you’ll be in for a tough battle. Nonetheless, the economic value of ranking for some of the above keywords is substantial enough that it may well be more than worth the costs.

Mike Wheatley is the senior editor at Realty Biz News. Got a real estate related news article you wish to share, contact Mike at [email protected].
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