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These are 5 Construction Trends That Won't Go Away: Consider Them Today

By Jamie Richardson | July 10, 2019

Construction has always been a global industry. While it operates at a slower pace compared to other markets, it's finally catching up with the latest trends and technologies. The top five trends and technologies see a promising future in this industry. Each of these trends will help you stand out among the competition.

1. New Technology Tools

The recent construction trends include new technology tools that reduce injury on the job and promote worksite safety. These trends include drones and wearable technology. Thirty-seven per cent of construction companies have already implemented the use of drones on their construction sites. Meanwhile, wearable technology has been practised by 11% of general contractors.

Most construction companies are also embracing the concept of on-site employee tracking to track and communicate with their workers. Due to safety and productivity concerns, your construction company can implement the use of drones, exoskeleton suits, safety vests, and smart glasses to reduce the risk of injury on the construction site. Each of these new tools is also sure to increase productivity levels.

2. Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is also on the rise across construction sites. Eighty per cent of construction workers rely on mobile technology, according to eSub. Most of them have been embracing mobile apps that include on-site accountability and real-time inspections that allow you to monitor a site with your camera phone. Those who don't have a stable internet connection will suffer immensely in the years ahead.

3. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information technology is helping construction companies stand out among the competition. This new form of technology allows you to create computer generations of buildings and sites. Best of all, it can be shared for increased collaboration and productivity. Some software programs are 3D model-based platforms that help improve the management of buildings and infrastructure.

4. Emerging IT Infrastructure

Another technology trend is the use of IT infrastructure. But only 39% of construction companies are adapting to this new technology. As your construction company improves its resources, you should focus on attracting new workers. A fully-emerged IT structure can help you make use of the latest technologies and devices to streamline the construction process.

5. Construction Management Software

Construction management software is crucial for remaining competitive in your industry. It can increase the value you provide in your operations. While each software program comes with its own unique features and functions, the best kind is one that compiles dates and shares information with teams. You'll also want a software program that includes features for budgeting, document storage, HR, inventory, payroll, and project management. This can help you stay on top of your landlord insurance costs.

Finding the right construction management software can take time. But you should already know what you're looking for or what your existing software lacks. Find a scalable software that will grow with your business. It should include customization options, features, and upgrades that provide support and training along the way. Each of these trends is expected to change the construction industry forever. By adopting each of these trends, you'll win more contracts and increase profitability.

Jamie is a 5-year freelance writer who enjoys real estate. He is currently a Realty Biz News Contributor.
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