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Tips for Running a Real Estate Business

By Shanea Patterson | October 15, 2022

If you think that you need to be a realtor in order to operate a real estate business, think again. There are many ways to get involved in the real estate industry, including as an agent, but also in many other ways including as a home stager, a photographer, or as a property manager. You could also bring your talents from other fields to the industry, such as in developing an app that is useful for buyers, sellers or agents. Another option is becoming an investor who either rents out property or who flips houses. Whatever the specifics of what you do, the tips below can help you run a successful business.

real estate business

Know the Local Market

Understanding the local market is critical for success. This includes knowing what kind of demographics are buying in what areas, knowing what people tend to value versus what they don't and knowing what kinds of prices people are paying for homes. Without a familiarity with the local market, you won't be able to compete effectively with other professionals who do have that knowledge.


Another thing to consider is how you are going to fund your business. Real estate is an area where it may be possible to start out part-time while still keeping your day job, but even if you are self-funding, there may eventually come a point where you need to invest a more substantial amount of money into your venture. At that stage, you can look into whether you are eligible for business loans. This can help you start to expand your business.

Specific Plans and Goals

Being as specific as possible about what your business does and what your goals are helps ensure you have something measurable to work toward. Maybe you are going to specialize in single-family homes and you want to be bringing in a certain amount of money at the one, two, and five-year mark. Whatever your longer-term goals are, you need to also identify a series of smaller concrete steps that will help you reach them.

Have a Marketing Plan

You need a smart marketing plan for your real estate business. This starts with identifying both your competition and the demographics that you're hoping to reach. There may be several different components to your marketing plan. Consider digital marketing, and the fundamentals of social media marketing, as well as more traditional approaches along with how networking can help you get the word out about who you are and what you do. Set specific marketing-based goals as well to help you measure how your efforts are doing and whether you need to make any changes to improve your effectiveness.

Manage Your Time

Whether you're trying to run your business part-time while holding down another job or your business is also your full-time job, effective time management can be challenging for entrepreneurs. This can be particularly true in a field like real estate where work can fall outside the 9-to-5 parameters. Think about how you will set boundaries around your working hours, be realistic about what you can accomplish in a given unit of time and don't hesitate to delegate.

Bio: Shanea Patterson is a freelance copywriter and content creator, the founder of Ultimate Freelance Guide, author of The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Freelance Life, NYU grad, and a huge marketing enthusiast. She is a sought-after freelance copywriter and content creator who’s been published on USA Today, Small Biz Daily, Overture Global Magazine, and OnDeck. She’s a regular contributor to Realty Biz News.
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