Trulia lets users share their favorite homes with iMessage extensions

Home buying site Trulia has updated its For Sale or Rental app with new functionality in the shape of iMessage extensions that allow for easier sharing of listings.

As Mili Dutta, Mobile Product Manager at Trulia, notes in a blog post, the iMessage extensions allow for seamless collaboration between friends, family and also real estate agents. The extensions allow users to view and share saved homes on the app, and plan and coordinate open house visits.

If you wish to take advantage of Trulia’s iMessage extension, first up you must install the Trulia For Sale or Rental app. Once that’s done the extension can be downloaded via the iMessage app store, which can be accessed via the App Store. The extension becomes accessible as soon as it’s installed, allowing users to see their previously saved homes within iMessage. Just tap on one of the homes to share it with friends and family, or a realtor.

“The recipient of your message will see a large, immersive image of the home along with the most important property information, including number of beds, baths and the price,” Dutta writes. “If the recipient clicks on the home you shared, she or he will see a little more information about the property, including open house timings. From there, the recipient can choose and share a preferred open home time with you.”

The iMessage extension works with both for sale and rental listings.

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