UK House with Unlikely History Hits the Market

A property in East Sussex, England, has just come onto the market, and it can make two very different claims to fame.


Winnie the Pooh's home for sale - CorneelW via

The first is that the £2 million property, Crotchford Farm, used to be the home of A A Milne. He is of course the creator of one of the most famous bears in the world, Winnie the Pooh, as well as his cohorts Tigger, Eeyore and a host of other family favorites. Christopher Robin Milne grew up in the house, and this piece of history is evident in the garden, as there is a statue of Christopher Robin, as well as a sundial which is engraved with characters from Milnes books.

The second famous connection couldn’t be more different, as Crotchford Farm was also the home of Brian Jones, guitarist for the Rolling Stones. It has the dubious fame of being the place where he was found dead in the swimming pool soon after being asked to leave the Rolling Stones. The swimming pool is still in place, and not surprisingly the house still attracts attention from fans around the world.

Apparently, the Jones fans are generally very polite, and are very good about contacting the present owner to make an appointment, unlike the fans of the famous yellow bear.

The present owner has lived there since 1970, and the real estate agents are predicting the house will create considerable interest. The full story is in the Daily Telegraph.

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