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Video marketing tips from top real estate vloggers

By Letitiah Obiri | July 16, 2018

If you are looking for more creative ways to promote your real estate business, there’s never been a better time to consider video marketing. Many notable realtors have their own YouTube channel where they offer practical advice to aspiring and veteran real estate agents. With video set to overtake blogs, emails and social media as the most popular form of marketing, savvy realtors should be including video into their digital marketing strategy.

Take your cue from leading realtors like Loida Velasquez and Bryan Casella to create video content that builds brand awareness and actively engages viewers.

Loida Velasquez - A warm and welcoming face in the realtor industry, Loida is a breath of fresh air who brings a playful fun touch to her videos. Tailoring her advice videos predominantly to newer realtors, Loida draws from her own personal experience to share how she overcame business obstacles. Her channel is popular as she is a reliable source when it comes to providing realtors with useful lead generation tips as well as tried and tested methods for growing your business. Replicate Loida’s success by creating fun illustrations for your videos to stand out and develop a niche e.g. targeting newer or veteran realtors.

Bryan Casella - By far one of the more popular ‘real estate stars’, Bryan shares his rags to riches story of how he went from broke to a real estate millionaire within four years. His videos are glossy and professionally shot to give viewers a glimpse into his glamorous lifestyle as he shares his secrets for success. Bryan has taken the time to create aspirational video content that will inspire budding realtors as well as adding his humor for a more personal touch. Increase your channel subscribers by developing a style and tone that matches your brand and think of engaging topics to cover that will pull in viewers.

Kevin Ward - With over three million video views and a best-selling book under his belt, Kevin Ward is an accomplished author, coach and speaker. He primarily uses his videos as educational tools to teach realtors how to hone their craft. He covers a range of topics such as increasing productivity and boosting motivation for enterprising real estate agents. There’s plenty to learn from Kevin’s success as an author and speaker. Consider additional opportunities to market your services whether that’s from public speaking or offering training courses. Make sure your videos stress your expertise and explain key topics in a useful way.

Phil Pustejovsky - Currently crowned the most subscribed to real estate channel online, Phil is often considered the greatest real estate investing mentor in North America. His channel’s popularity is down to his infectious enthusiasm and ability to make complicated concepts easy to understand. As a leading trainer, Phil uses his videos to provide useful advice and insight on how to make a fortune in real estate. With over 45 million views, Phil continues to inspire and educate realtors with his invaluable advice. Learn from the godfather of real estate by creating videos on relevant topics and use your experience to add value to your content.

Jessica Riffle Edwards - Known for her innovative use of technology and cutting-edge marketing tactics, Edwards is a leading voice in the industry. She has intimate knowledge and expertise of the luxury market and this comes through in her videos. There’s an authentic and warm quality to all of Jessica’s videos as she talks through some of the challenges facing modern realtors and speaks from a place of personal experience that many realtors can relate to. Ensure your videos speak to viewers on a more personal level by being honest and authentic. This helps you come across as genuine to viewers who may find glossy over-produced videos overwhelming and false.

Consider how you can use video marketing creatively to emulate the success of these top realtors and cement your credibility as a thought leader in the real estate industry. By integrating video into your marketing strategy, you can engage on a personal level with buyers and peers and establish your brand in a competitive market.

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