What the Coca-Cola Chase Super Bowl Ad Can Teach Us

If ever a business professional wanted to understand how to engage via the web, the Super Bowl initiative by Coca Cola offers some vibrant clues as to how to proceed. We thought it might be helpful for readers interested in digital marketing to take a look at the so called “Mirage” ad, and the game behind it too. As you know, Super Bowl Sunday is as much about commercializing and socializing, as it is about touchdowns.

Coke Chase logo

For those of you unaware, Coke has started a campaign designed to get people really involved via a simple voting process. Okay, well not really so simple. You see the video in the poll from ProProfs below sets up a funny and fun, scenario where social media and even mobile Super Bowl fans can interact with what amount to digital heroes, heroins, and antiheroes. For Twitter buffs, the hash-tags #CokeCowboys. #CokeShowgirls, and #CokeBadlanders are significant variables. But the depth of the Widen+Kennedy ad agency genius stroke is not so simple.

In creating this game the agency exhibits a keen understanding of social media, for one thing. In case you are in the dark, Facebook and even Twitter are social hangouts where games and intimate connectivity go on. Marketing these spaces has always been a delicate matter. The social networks are bad places for the so called “hard sell”, when all is said and done.

So, once you’ve investigated what Coke has going on with their Coke Chase, maybe figuring out how to “sabotage” your own competitors won’t be so hard? You’s see what I mean, just play along.