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Where to Get the Top Real Estate News

By Kristi Hines | January 12, 2012

One of the things that I always suggest to people trying to build their audience on social media is to share not only the content they create, but top news in their industry. If you’re not already keeping up with that for your own business, the next question is where to find this news. Blog directories can be the best place for you find great posts to share on social media about the real estate industry.

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If you have your own blog, these sources can also help you come up with content ideas of your own. Writing about trending topics is a great way to get your posts picked up by search engines. Just find an angle about the trending topic that no one else has covered and go for it! The following blog directories will help you find the latest news in the real estate industry from the top sources.



Alltop is a blog directory that collects the top five news stories from the best blogs and media sources for a given topic. Alltop’s real estate page includes the latest five posts for over 200 sites that talk about what is happening in the real estate industry.

Want your blog listed on Alltop? You will need to create an account and then submit your site using their submission form. Listings can take a few weeks to be approved and added, but you will get an email notice if they do decide to add your website..



Technorati is a blog directory that rates blogs based on overall authority. You can find real estate blogs two ways. First, you can do a search for real estate and go through the list of high authority blogs that cover real estate. You can also see the latest posts on real estate by checking out the real estate tag.

Want your blog listed on Technorati? You will need to create an account and then claim your blog by adding a custom piece of code they give you to your website.



PostRank is a blog directory that organizes blogs by their social popularity. Social engagement scoring includes comments, tweets, Facebook likes, and shares on other social networks. If you look at the real estate topic on PostRank, you will see the top posts on each blog discussing real estate based on engagement. The engagement scores for each site is comparative within the site only, so a post ranked 7.8 for one site could mean it has 100 comments, and a post ranked 7.8 for another site could mean it has 10. Regardless, it is still one of the most popular topics for that site.

Want your blog listed on PostRank? Just search for the URL in the search box. If you’re listed, your site will popup under the search box. If not, you can click the search icon, and PostRank will ask for your email address to notify you when your blog is added to their directory.

What news sources or blogs are your favorite for keeping up with real estate news? Please share your sources in the comments!

Contributing writer Kristi Hines is an online marketing consultant, freelance writer, blogger, and social media enthusiast.

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