Why Do Indians Love Their Serviced Apartments?

There is no doubt the fact that Bangalore is one of most vibrant and dynamic Indian cities. The reason behind Bangalore’s colorful air is the urbanization of the city owing to growing industrial sectors and migration activities involving young crowd coming in. The people are changing and so are their choices and preferences.


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Even the homes that they search in Bangalore are subjected to various criteria. The current times has highlighted the popularity of serviced apartments in the city. These apartments are meant for short-stays and sometimes longer as well, depending upon the duration of the purpose that has to be served in the city.

The popularity quotient is also a result of the IT revolution that brought in young professionals in here. What exactly are serviced apartments? Serviced apartments are luxurious and offer a comfortable stay, just like a hotel room. The only difference is the price slab within which these two housing options fall. It is more of an alternative to an expensive stay at any posh hotel or resort. The serviced apartments in Bangalore are affordable and are offered with all the modern amenities.

1. Capacious & Comfortable

There are two important factors, comfort zone and wide apartment area; that together define the concept of serviced apartments that have been offering serene yet modern living conditions to the Bangaloreans. The young people residing in the city spend strenuous life at their work setting so back home, they demand peace and this is where the concept of serviced apartments win. These flats are of good area and offer ample scope for leading a comfortable life.

2. Privacy Intact

Choosing to stay in a serviced apartment will make one feel like staying in own home. The apartment is constructed in a way that the feeling of coziness and having a private life is not lost while giving it a good area. An individual can have the best days of his life while staying alone or with family here in such apartments.

3. Safe & Clean Housing Option

Like any other Indian city, Bangalore too is plagued by criminal activities to some extent. The realtors who construct such apartments and the Residents’ Welfare Association that takes care of the area where these flats are stationed, together make sure that the serviced apartments have security measures and techniques all intact.

Moreover, the cleanliness is also taken care of as there is a staff employed for taking care of the hygiene and maintenance of the area.

4. Well-furnished & Beautiful

Since, serviced apartments are meant to be for short-term stays and sometimes for longer stays in cases where the occupant is of different nationality; it is made sure that the apartments are well-furnished and have all the niceties fitted at the right places.

Moreover, the architectural designs that are incorporated are latest and offer each flat, a soothing overall look.

5. Parking Spaces For One & All

Bangalore is a huge city and has a population that is surging at a steep rate. Curse the overall India’s population or bless the industrialization that pulls in expats from different cities and nation. The more the number of people, the huge the number of cars bought. There is nothing to worry if an individual prefer to stay in any of the serviced apartments. Such accommodation options have an allocated parking space for everyone.

Bangaloreans are fast becoming fans of serviced apartments and the city being a favorite of realtors these days, construction of serviced apartments is on the block. This could be a best housing option available at the moment.


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