Why the Holiday Season Could Be Ideal Time for Listing Your Home

The holiday season is traditionally a quiet time for the real estate market and in the past many people chose to delay listing their property, or to take it off the market completely until the following year or even the following spring. This is because most potential home buyers were presumed to be too preoccupied with preparing for the holiday season, and simply wouldn’t have the time to continually visit properties with real estate agents.

An article in aol.com points out that that’s all changed now. Most of us spend a substantial amount of time on the Internet and are permanently online thanks to smart phones and tablets. This has changed the way people view properties, and serious buyers will be looking online regardless of the holiday season. It’s so easy to check current listings in just a few minutes but some current sellers don’t realize this.

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As a result inventory levels can be tighter due to the number of homes that are taken off the market at this time of year. This is good news for those that remain on the market as there is less competition in the time when the most motivated buyers are still looking, many of whom will probably be wishing there were more homes to view.

These buyers will still be motivated to come and see properties regardless of the time of year, and if there’s a lack of inventory in the area then they may well be excited to see something new on the market. However if your property has been on the market for months, most buyers as well as their agents will regard it as being overpriced and may not bother to view. Your choice is to either reduce the price or to take a look at issues that may be preventing the sale of your home. If you’ve previously received lower offers but weren’t willing to consider them, then lowering the price will show buyers that you’re serious about selling.

The idea of listing your home during the holiday season can be too horrible for some to contemplate, as let’s face it it’s no fun trying to keep the place immaculate and having to be prepared to vacate the property at the drop of a hat just for those last-minute views. If you can’t face listing your property in December, then consider putting it on the market early January. This is traditionally a time when very little comes onto the market, but new buyers may well have resolved to take action in finding somewhere new to live. Some buyers will look at this time of year due to year-end tax planning.

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